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In the News In a muckraking article, suppliers to well-known computer manufacturers are accused of mistreating workers and violating Chinese labor law: "According to a Hong-Kong based human rights organization, working hours total up to 370 hours per month, workers aren't receiving the legal minimum wage and in the run-up to Christmas, days off are cut out entirely." One of the reasons that high tech hardware has become so widespread and useful is because it's so inexpensive. As this article demonstrates, this affordability can come at a price.
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RE: shit happens
by Ben Jao Ming on Wed 17th Dec 2008 18:03 UTC in reply to "shit happens"
Ben Jao Ming
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Not buying from those companies will most likely result in 1) less work hours of 2) less jobs. Both cases would be hard for people who obviously need the money - otherwise, they would take another job.

By buying something from these countries or practicing our usual over-consumption, we silently ignore the problems and participate in the acceptance of poor working conditions.

China (government and companies) isn't stupid. If it turns out that Western consumers don't want their products because they mistreat their workers, then China will act in one way or the other... I'm not being naive. You are, by stating that we're basically just helping their economy. We've been 'helping' foreign economies grow ever since Columbus.

So go and consume wisely, vote wisely and do whatever other duty that's implied by your world citizenship.

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