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Amiga & AROS The first "point release" of the AROS distribution VmwAROS has been published, and it's available on its website. This version introduces a lot of changes and many new features that make it visually different from regular AROS build. Ken Lester's double state icons, for instance, make VmwAROS look more Amiga-like, and former Amiga users can also continue using their applications thanks to AmiBridge, a poweful scripting system which allows launching AmigaOS programs straight from AROS. A big effort has been made to enhance VmwAROS useability and user-friendlyness.
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How strange...
by Raffaele on Thu 18th Dec 2008 07:00 UTC
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I noticed that if you read the news as non-registred or either not-logged user, then you see the full news, and this one regarding VMWAROS has full indications on recommendations and comments...

If you are Logged In and you scrool the first page of OSNews site, the news regarding Cygwin and VMWAros are posted as one singl line, with no any indications about the contents, and the number of people recommending it and nothing indicating comments...

You must click on it, and only after you had clicked on it then gthe news it will enlarged and you can read read it all, and spot the whole article and the number of comments...

Is that a method to let pass these news as secondary ones and considered as no importance news, and let people focus on other news?

Are minor OSs somtething to stay almost hidden to registered users, and let them focus only on big ones (Windows/MacOS X)???

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