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Benchmarks From Phoronix: "Have you ever wondered on what operating system Java works the best? While by no means is it a conclusive multi-platform comparison, for this article we ran a number of Java benchmarks on both Windows Vista Premium and Ubuntu Linux to see how the Java Virtual Machine performance differs. In addition, when running Ubuntu we had tested Sun's official Java package as well as the OpenJDK alternative."
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Interesting article
by factotum218 on Fri 19th Dec 2008 19:14 UTC
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Another great benchmark article. Love 'em.
The only real experience I've had with java applications are netbeans and aptana.
Aptana was installed through the Eclipse plugin on both systems, using the default packages available for each system.
Aptana flew on Vista, on Ubuntu I had to stop typing every few seconds to wait for the keystrokes to appear on the monitor.
Netbeans on the other hand was pretty slick and quick on both.

Sorry, nothing informative here, just killing a few minutes while I take a break from shoveling.

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