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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Palm recently announced over $500 million in losses, but then we all knew Palm wasn't too hot on the market these days despite their efforts to sell Windows Mobile devices. Palm is hoping to make a comeback, however, with new smartphones sporting Nova in 2009.
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Palm Hardware
by kev009 on Sat 20th Dec 2008 03:10 UTC
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I've been a Palm user for a long time. I really liked Palm OS - it was simple and reliable. But they let it stagnate and it just can't compete with modern smartphone alternatives.

I've also always liked Palm hardware. The Treos have been awesome, and I really like the keyboard on them - the iPhone touch input is much slower and less reliable and slide out keyboards add significant bulk.

So when I lost my Treo 650, I decided to pick up an 800w. From a hardware perspective, this thing is awesome - Wifi, GPS, EVDO, keyboard, good screen, and compact form-factor. But Windows Mobile is painful. Crashes, abysmal battery life, general sluggishness.. it's too bad Palm keeps fumbling with nextgen OSes.

I just hope they figure it out before they go under! An alliance with Nokia or Google wouldn't be a bad idea.

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