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In the News There's an interesting article over at about what you can do with the free time the coming holidays will likely present you with. This being an article at the Free Software Magazine, it focusses mainly on - you guessed it - Free software. The suggestions are interesting, but we have a few of our own to add.
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Should have upgraded from Fedora 8 to Fedora 10 some time ago, but at least it's nice that the Fedora people postponed Fedora 8's end of life from 25.Dec 2008 to 7.Jan 2009.

Fedora 10 is definitely worth the upgrade. They haven't done much flashy stuff on the surface (maybe the init process, very well done), but a lot of improvements under the hood are really good. A great release.

I've also tried to learn's Basic variant - could have been useful in the past, had I learnt it before. When I think of this plan, however, I'm always reminded that I really wanted to try LaTeX.

As a LaTeX fan I can tell you that it's one of the best "investments" you can get in software. Besides learning to code yourself, of course. LaTeX (or LyX, very easy to work with) is one of those programs that once you get along with you wonder what on earth everybody's doing with the WYSIWYG stuff, and that's not even foor l33tish or ideological considerations. It just looks so much better in print, and it's just so much easier and faster to use.
(Doesn't mean LaTeX is better for every purpose)

I guess it will be best for me to have a go at the author's last suggestion: "Switch off your computer" ;-)

I have installed Fedora 10 on my Dell XPS M1530 and it is a lot nicer than Fedora 9/8.

Fedora 10 has a lot faster bootup and a lot of the tweaks that they made and enhancements are really worth it. Plus, hard disk encryption is nice...

You can add vga=0x318 to your grub.conf stanza to have your info scrolling when you boot up (remove quiet also)...

I am waiting on RHEL6 to come out next year all of the underpinning changes being made, along with upstart to be implemented and new kernel. I can't wait I will be installing Centos6 on my Dell XPS wiping out Fedora 10 and installing it on my workstation/laptop for work as well.

AND I am installing Zmanda for work, the front end to amanda makes configuration 100 times simpler than the config file for amanda.

I already have it running, plus loading new Centos 5.3 Servers.

Lots to do!

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