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Internet & Networking Though the cause is still unknown, three of the four undersea Internet cables that run from North America to Asia were cut, causing outages in Egypt, India, Saudi Arabia, and a dozen or so other countries. That is a lot of angry World of Warcraft players. It's supposed to have been from ships' anchors, though even two downed cables at one time is very rare, so who's to say it wasn't sabotage?
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RE[6]: Spam
by centos_user on Mon 22nd Dec 2008 01:02 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Spam"
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I agree however since it was not politically correct on here so you get negative numbers on here...

Imagine that, we know Spam and viruses, hacking ect 99% comes from Asia but being politically correctness is what the world runs on today.

Being a technology forum one would think commonsense would prevail with all of the brute force ssh port 22 attacks that start within a day of opening the port up on the internet...

I have blocked entire IP ranges from Asia, Africa, and Europe namely Amsterdam seems to be ripe with misconduct. And my problems go away, I will be blocking a lot of Asia, Africa and some of Europe...

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