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Games Not too long ago, I was convinced that the modern day gaming world was a rather empty and shallow one. If you grew up with games like The 7th Guest, the Keen series, Metroid, adventure games like Monkey Island or Full Throttle, and so on, more modern games seemed to have little to offer, besides yet another nameless hero in a grey space suit killing aliens in a grey world with the same set of twelve weapons. However, a little speck of hope was flickering on the horizon, a game seemingly made by people who could read my mind; a game about a post-apocalyptic wasteland, filled with quests and epic stories, where you were free to do whatever you wanted. Yes, I looked forward to Fallout 3, and since my computer was too old to run any game more recent than Wolfenstein, I decided to buy a game console. Read on to see how my venture into the world of modern gaming turned out.
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Yes, you're right: some newer games for PC were enjoyable as well: Myst was very interesting, I like Legacy (adventure) very much, then Darkseed, but the Might & Magic series as well, and f.e. several AD&D titles (starting from Pool of Radiance). And what about Sierra's adventures, like Space Quest? And Sid Meier's titles (Civilisation first, of course)? Just to name a few.

But look: still talking about older titles... ;) so, the most important is IDEA - much more important than astonishing graphics...

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