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Internet & Networking Though the cause is still unknown, three of the four undersea Internet cables that run from North America to Asia were cut, causing outages in Egypt, India, Saudi Arabia, and a dozen or so other countries. That is a lot of angry World of Warcraft players. It's supposed to have been from ships' anchors, though even two downed cables at one time is very rare, so who's to say it wasn't sabotage?
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RE: Likely Fake News
by corwin on Mon 22nd Dec 2008 07:28 UTC in reply to "Likely Fake News"
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Interesting view point there - if you were a major financial trading house, and were actually responsible for network transit, I would hope (for your employers sake) that you would actually subscribe to mailing lists like nanog, and outages. If you were, you would see that there was a whole bunch of traffic on the lists from around the world as those links went dark.

If you can't hear anything, I suggest you take your fingers out of your ears. If you rely on CNN (or, for you, maybe Fox) to tell you something bad has happened in global transit, you are about as big a dufus as you sound.

In case you can't find your way around the net, here's a lightreading article on the cut, and it has links to folks who run the cables (reliance), FT who are all on record regarding the issue. It also quotes bloomberg news covering the cut - but then again, I guess bloomberg isn't a major media news outlet for the "financial" world....\General-World-...

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