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Java Robert Schuster has a very detailed account of the work done to get full Java support on small devices. He managed to cross compile (and package) OpenJDK/IcedTea for OpenEmbedded/ARM through multiple build stages using various free java implementations. This provides full free (GPL) J2SE support for ARM based handlhelds, phones and embedded devices like the BeagleBoard, BUG, OpenMoko, Maemo and the Irex Iliad through Jalimo.
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Give IcedTea some time
by centos_user on Tue 23rd Dec 2008 01:38 UTC
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Remember all of the comments people made about Linux distro's it is 'free software'...

I do not see the faults with the IcedTea implementation, with a Linux distro (RHEL/Fedora) you can use the alternatives command to switch or change the JVM you want to use.

I think having choices makes better software and who knows the dev's may come out with a better JVM than the one Sun offers.

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