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Internet & Networking Most Firefox users don't realize that Firefox's current existence is owed almost exclusively to its search partnership with Google wherein Mozilla Corp receives a portion of ad revenue from Google queries initiated from Firefox's search bar. This revenue amounts to tens of millions of dollars. Internet users the world over, who are currently reaping the benefit of a renewed browser war with exciting innovation instead of Microsoft-dominated stagnation, can thank Google for that state of affairs. But now that Google has itself entered the fray with Chrome, what does that mean for the Firefox/Google relationship?
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RE[2]: Reinventing the wheel :(
by microFawad on Tue 23rd Dec 2008 20:10 UTC in reply to "RE: Reinventing the wheel :("
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I wouldn't even DREAM of going back to old-fashioned singlethreaded browsing.

First of all every browser today is multithreaded but the new thing that Google had done is to create a new process for each tab instead of creating a new thread for each tab.

Even if Google invested its time into Firefox, it would be a futile effort. Firefox is too big a project now to allow for such radical changes like a complete move to user-controlled multithreaded browsing. Google can't just come marching into Mozilla and make Firefox do a 360.

Do you know that IE8 is doing same thing that Chrome did. I mean creating a new process for each tab. So why not Mozilla and Google can do it in FF if Microsoft can do it in IE?

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