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Internet & Networking Most Firefox users don't realize that Firefox's current existence is owed almost exclusively to its search partnership with Google wherein Mozilla Corp receives a portion of ad revenue from Google queries initiated from Firefox's search bar. This revenue amounts to tens of millions of dollars. Internet users the world over, who are currently reaping the benefit of a renewed browser war with exciting innovation instead of Microsoft-dominated stagnation, can thank Google for that state of affairs. But now that Google has itself entered the fray with Chrome, what does that mean for the Firefox/Google relationship?
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RE: Reinventing the wheel :(
by dragossh on Tue 23rd Dec 2008 20:20 UTC in reply to "Reinventing the wheel :("
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FF is open source as everyone know so they must participate in the development of FF instead of developing there own browser.

They must? Um, no.

I hear everyone bitching about Google creating their own browser instead of contributing to FF. Well, Firefox is not the end-all-be-all of web browsers. It's going to be replaced by something better, sooner or later.

I, for one, am welcoming Chrome and I am waiting for a Mac-based version. Once that is available, I'll never look back to Safari/Firefox. Chrome is the BeOS of browsers, IMHO.

Don't be afraid of change, people.

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