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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris The first pre-release of Mandriva Linux 2009 Spring is now available. This alpha concentrates on updating to the major desktop components of the distribution, including KDE 4.2 Beta 2, GNOME 2.25.2, Xfce 4.6 Beta 2, server 1.5, and kernel 2.6.28 rc8. It is also the first distribution to introduce the major new Tcl/Tk release, 8.6. The alpha is available only in the DVD Free edition with a traditional installer and no proprietary applications; future pre-releases will add the live CD One edition with proprietary drivers. Please help test this first pre-release and report bugs to Mandriva.
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KDE 3?
by fukudasan on Wed 24th Dec 2008 01:35 UTC
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I allowed 2009.0 to download on my main machine when the original notification came through, and it installed flawlessly and worked first time. But I didn't keep it, and eventually reinstalled 2008.1. The reason: KDE 4.x.

KDE 4 actually worked quite well on my older system (desktop). I had also installed it under 2008.1 on my laptop but 2009.0 KDE 4 would not work on this newer machine at all, and I still have no idea why. All I got was a blank screen, and this was bizarre because it was working on that machine under 2008.1.

But what made me uninstall, more than anything else, was that it seemed difficult to find information about how to configure it. There was (and still is, even now) constant intrusion by apps which are transitioning from Qt3 to Qt4. The whole menu was full of apps with double entries (one for KDE3, one for KDE4). In the end I just gave up in exasperation.

So I hope that full implementation and suport for KDE 3 will remain in 2009.1 as KDE 4 has not impressed me except with regard to the trouble it has caused. I still think I will have to start using a different DE with Mandriva in the end, as KDE4 in 2009.0 drove me nuts.

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