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Internet & Networking Most Firefox users don't realize that Firefox's current existence is owed almost exclusively to its search partnership with Google wherein Mozilla Corp receives a portion of ad revenue from Google queries initiated from Firefox's search bar. This revenue amounts to tens of millions of dollars. Internet users the world over, who are currently reaping the benefit of a renewed browser war with exciting innovation instead of Microsoft-dominated stagnation, can thank Google for that state of affairs. But now that Google has itself entered the fray with Chrome, what does that mean for the Firefox/Google relationship?
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Mega Corp sounds like Microsoft
by centos_user on Wed 24th Dec 2008 14:14 UTC
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To me anytime you are in bed so to speak with a mega corp only concerned about stock price, you can get the rug pulled out from under you and be left high and dry before you know it.

Google to me has become a monopoly of sorts like Microsoft if you do not like it then they will crush and bury you. The searches from Google are based on how much money ads are paying them and a lot of the data generated form a search is rubbish.

The problem with having your eggs in one basket means if the direction they want to go does not match with yours generally you lose. I think this may be going the direction of Internet Explorer and Netscape I could be wrong but it seems a bit familiar.

I for one do not want a Google browser for my Linux distro's and no lock in.

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