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Legal The legal back-and-forth between PsyStar and Apple is slowly but surely moving into the twilight zone. Not too long ago we had Apple going all black helicopter on PsyStar claiming people and/or companies other than PsyStar are involved in the clone maker's unlawful practices, even though Apple could so far not name any of them because, well, they don't know who they are yet. If that wasn't enough, PsyStar now claims that Apple's copyright on Mac OS X is invalid.
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Here you can buy this Hummer.

1) you are not allowed to drive it on roads that are 20% grey.
2) you are not allowed to drive it on 30 % white.
3) No driving on the moon at any time.

If you are found voilating these norms you will be sued. We will even say people are supporting you in fighting me.

This is my pick on a good EULA.

P.S This is an example of a eula GM should use . in My opinion in going with this arguement.


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