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Legal Large multinational software companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Google, rarely - if ever - initiate patent infringement lawsuits against other software companies, probably because they themselves infringe on lots of patents too. However, they do get sued themselves by smaller companies. Even though the Christian part of the world is all about forgiveness and love and pink ponies during the holidays (or, at least, they ought to be), Apple, Google, and Microsoft have been struck by a patent infringement lawsuit started by Cygnus Systems.
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Comment by jbettcher
by jbettcher on Sat 27th Dec 2008 18:22 UTC
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I had a friend who invested in a company like this many years ago. It was a lawsuit against IBM over a patent they apparently held, it had to do with bank servers and how transactions were processed. Apparently the company had the patent to the certain network transactions that IBM had programmed.

He sunk a lot of money into the company and the lawsuit never came into fruition because IBM basically out of court settled with the company, it went sorta like this:

-Your patent is vague and will not hold up
-You never mention this again
-If you decide to go through court we will bankrupt your company umercilessly

Needless to say my friend and a lot of other hopeful people never got any pay out and basically lost their money when the companies stocks settled at next to nothing.

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