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Graphics, User Interfaces High bit depth support, non-destructive editing (so called "effect layers") and colour management. Three hot topics in photography editing - that users have been waiting for for a long time now to appear in GIMP. Today Linux & Photography blog features an exclusive interview with Martin Nordholts, one of the core contributors to GIMP. Nordholts speaks about the current state of affairs, explains what is going on deep inside the GIMP (and GEGL) and also lifts a corner of the veil about what is to come.
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Virtual desktops, man!
by CrLf on Sun 28th Dec 2008 13:57 UTC
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"There have been discussions about a single-window tabb-based interface that can probably interest a few people."

Please, don't! Really.

I don't get this obsession with the GIMP's multiple window interface... This may be a problem in retarded OSes that don't have virtual desktops, but is anywone seriously using the GIMP on Windows? For real?

I'm not saying that it couldn't use some improvements, but that doesn't mean switching to a single window interface, or even worse, a tabbed interface.

Just check out Pixelmator [] for what the GIMP's interface should evolve to. It is mostly the same interface, but with the "document" as the pivot point (i.e. the floating windows are hidden when there's no focused image, and they always appear next to the focused image whatever the virtual desktop in happens to be on).

Summing things up, multiple windows are great for separating work through virtual desktops, it's just that the app should interact with them better.

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