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Linux Sick of Apple and Microsoft flaunting themselves about constantly with their "I'm a Mac/I'm a PC" advertisements? Had a vision for the first Linux commercial you've been wanting to put into place? The Linux Foundation is calling you. Not literally, of course. Beginning January 26th, 2009, the Foundation will be accepting 60-second video offerings from budding directors worldwide to begin their own "I'm Linux" advertising campaign. The winner takes all with "a flight to Narita in Japan from the airport closest to your home plus three nights at a hotel in order for the winner to attend the Linux Foundation Japan's symposium in October next year." Start those rusty creative gears turning-- it's certain that plenty will enter, and only one will win.
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F*ck Linux
by shevegen on Sun 28th Dec 2008 16:10 UTC
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I am using Linux since 2004.

In general I am fine with many things. I use what I like and discard the rest. There are also many great examples. For example I think the KDE team does a tremendous job altogether.

However, in other areas, I really want to scream loudly the "f*ck linux". And my biggest complaints are:

1- They dont listen to users. If experienced users complain about something, then maybe they should listen. And if they dont, I encourage everyone to flame them into oblivion.

2- See point 1. It really is important.

3- See point 1 again, for the last time. The whole LSB builds upon the FHS, which means that it will not allow flexibility. No AppDir approach. The curse of libtool for many years to come (I must say that the libtool developers are very very friendly and helpful, so be nice to them. Even if libtool sucks, the authors and helping people are good guys. Some other arrogant developers should reconsider their stance, or leave Linux - which would make me happier, since it is impossible to work with unfriendly developers.)

4- Please, no more propaganda from ANY side. If an application is good, it will spread. I can assure every stupid propaganda move that if Linux solutions ARE GOOD, that they WILL SUCCEED. Maybe ask WHY Linux is not installed everywhere yet. I tell you how to make this happen - LISTEN TO PEOPLE. Especially those that are using Linux solutions since a long time (but also newbies, because they bring fresh ideas and fresh visions into the pool).
Take RMS. I agree with him and the FSF in principle. But I totally disagree about preaching to INFORMED people. I already made my opinion after evaluating things for long. I do not want to be preached to anymore.

If there are valid arguments, I am fine with them. But I dont buy nor do I accept any propganda, be it from Microsoft or the FSF.

F*ck Propaganda.

PS: Correcting errors is fine. There is a separation between trolling/spreading propaganda, and correcting errors. I often have the impression that people rather want to defend an "ideal" vision which SIMPLY IS NOT CORRECT.

As I wrote above, if you want to convince people, convince them with the better solution. Do not go to great lengths to copy things, instead, make better things AND LISTEN to complaints.

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