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Graphics, User Interfaces High bit depth support, non-destructive editing (so called "effect layers") and colour management. Three hot topics in photography editing - that users have been waiting for for a long time now to appear in GIMP. Today Linux & Photography blog features an exclusive interview with Martin Nordholts, one of the core contributors to GIMP. Nordholts speaks about the current state of affairs, explains what is going on deep inside the GIMP (and GEGL) and also lifts a corner of the veil about what is to come.
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RE[2]: When???
by MissinBeOS on Mon 29th Dec 2008 06:38 UTC in reply to "RE: When???"
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Wow. Those darned users. Always demanding improvements. The nerve. Things would be ever so much easier and quieter without users.

In all seriousness though -- open source software can't, nor should it, operate in a vacuum. Without feedback from people using the software, it's never going to improve, at least not at any rate that would satisfy the targeted audience.

While I can understand the irritation and/or annoyance expressed, it's also not realistic -- the vast majority of software users are not, nor will they ever be, programmers capable of contributing to an open source programming project.

I know from my own experience that when I'm working on a pet project, it's very, VERY irritating to have someone come along and suggest that there are missing or broken features -- I get a serious set of blinders on, and just don't see any problems until they're pointed out ... much to my chagrin ;) Of course, everything I work on is perfect *cough* and doesn't need any "steeeeenking users" to voice an opinion.

The open source community can sometimes show the same behavior -- anyone not intimately involved in the nitty gritty details of programming the underlying guts of the project is unfortunately viewed as an impediment. Yes, lots of times the opinions voiced aren't very well thought out, and sometimes they're far beyond practical; and yet, painting all opinions with the same brush is doing users, past, present & potential, a pretty serious disservice.

Enough pontificating ... I'll climb down off of my soapbox -- the altitude is giving me a nosebleed ;)

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