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General Development Dave Thomas, programming book author and Ruby evangelist presented the keynote at RailsConf2008; "There's a sound that no presenter wants to hear, and that's dead silence. And that's what greeted me when I made a suggestion in my RubyConf keynote [...]. I think by the end of the talk, though, most people were convinced." This is one of the best programming topic presentations I have ever seen. Even if you've never written a line of Ruby, you'll find it perfectly clear-and enjoyable. Watch, and then "read more" for Kroc's personal commentary on the issues raised.
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"Why are keywords special things? Why is `if` not a function itself? You could say that 'how can `if` be a function when you would need `if` itself in order to implement it? Impossible!'. It's a syntax problem. The syntax has not been there to remove these special case keywords from programming languages in general. Even Ruby, therefore, falls short of perfection by falling prey to interpreter-specific special case keywords."

Learn yourself TCL, what you are talking about has existed for 20+ years, and it even looks quite elegant. It is simple and incredibly flexible.

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