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Graphics, User Interfaces High bit depth support, non-destructive editing (so called "effect layers") and colour management. Three hot topics in photography editing - that users have been waiting for for a long time now to appear in GIMP. Today Linux & Photography blog features an exclusive interview with Martin Nordholts, one of the core contributors to GIMP. Nordholts speaks about the current state of affairs, explains what is going on deep inside the GIMP (and GEGL) and also lifts a corner of the veil about what is to come.
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RE[6]: When???
by msundman on Tue 30th Dec 2008 19:08 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: When???"
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What I find somewhat bizarre is these developers are painted in a bad light by you. Without picking a case its comfortable to say that any user expecting a developer to bend to his will is being arrogant, without demonstrating any expertise.

Exactly what about what I said did you find bizarre? I didn't say anything about bending any will or expecting something like that. What I said is arrogant was to default to the assumption that other people don't want what they say they want. (That is often the case, but one should never assume it without strong indications of it.)

And as for the "problem" which I tried to highlight (but which you perhaps didn't understand); it's that while the devs may ignore bitching users the devs are unjustly labeling users as "bitching users" even when there is (virtually) no cause for it.

threatening the developer with an alternative proprietary choice as suggested

Who has suggested to threaten devs with anything? Implying that getting one feature implemented into gimp isn't worth as much to one single user as the money for 10 photoshop-licences, even if the user could afford it but really can't, can hardly be regarded as "threatening".

The fact is that the "Then pay someone else to implement it!"-way just doesn't work with normal people, and although developers know it some still continue to use that card for some reason (perhaps to assert their dominance or to highlight their indifference or who knows?)

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