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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y Steve Jobs' health has been an important topic of rumours ever since he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in mid-2004. He was treated successfully, and recovered from his ordeal. Ever since then, rumours of possible health problems popped up regularly, which were only ignited further by Apple's recent announcement to drop out of MacWorld San Fransisco, with Steve Jobs not delivering the famous keynote speech coming January. Gizomodo threw a whole lot of oil on the fire today by publishing information which they claim comes from a source which has always been 100% accurate.
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As a counterpoint, Apple's industrial designer Jonathan Ive has created all of the products and design aesthetics that Apple is famous for.

And according to apple's website, their board of directors consists of the CEOs of Google, Avon, Genentec, J Crew, and Intuit, and Al Gore.

No product is created by one person. I find it tough to believe that Jobs is the only person at Apple with vision and leadership sufficient to head the excellent team they have assembled.

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