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Hardware, Embedded Systems While solid state drives are very well suited for netbooks from a power efficiency viewpoint, they pose problems when it comes to capacity (and performance, but that's another matter). In order to combat this issue, MSI has launched a new netbook with a hybrid approach to storage: it has a solid state drive for the operating system and applications, and a conventional hard drive for storage.
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SDD is the future
by centos_user on Wed 31st Dec 2008 22:07 UTC
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You can purchase Blades with SDD in them, some people talk about writes on SDD devices, however with time they will become 1000 times more reliable than mechanical hard-drives that fail.

I think MS holds back hardware innovation, look at 64-bit applications, the Linux distro's have taken and ran with 64 bit and MS Windows is struggling and the hardware vendors have not made much progress except in the Server arena.

On the home user end, 32 bit needs to be killed off and 64 bit needs to happen.

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