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Hardware, Embedded Systems At this year's 25th Chaos Communication Congress, an annual four day conference with the slogan "Nothing to hide" reveals everything about the Commodore 64, in 64 minutes. Across 256 slides. The video is now available to download via BitTorrent or FTP. The Commodore 64 is the greatest selling computer of all time; learn how it got there with its quirky hardware, loved by hackers worldwide.
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MSX was better
by ml2mst on Wed 31st Dec 2008 23:57 UTC
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I think MSX (Microcomputers with Software eXtensions) was much better. It had a way better graphic and audio chip set and its firmware BASIC interpreter was much more advanced.

On a C64 you had to type something cryptically as:

list "*",8 to just get a list of files, on MSX this was:


Later on a CP/M clone, called MSX-DOS was introduced, which was compatible with MS-DOS (used the same "FAT" file system).

Unfortunately MSX never made it to the UK and USA. In the rest of the world it was rather popular.

Here is the Wikipedia entry for MSX:

Someone gave me a free C64 with floppy disk drive and I was rather disappointed.

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