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Zeta "Zeta includes quite a lot of open source software. YellowTAB was able to include software like bash, GCC, VLC, to name just a few, with Zeta and thus profit from the work of many thousands of developers. However, programs do not always work straight away when compiled for Zeta and may require changes to do so. We make the necessary changes and fix bugs to make sure that these programs run smoothly on Zeta. Now it's time to give something back."
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Not all is GPL
by looncraz on Tue 20th Sep 2005 21:31 UTC
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I am one of the better known anti-yellowTAB folks out there. At least to all the old timers :-)

However, I must commend yellowTAB on this, regardless, for the sake of objectivity.

Not all of the source code that was released was required by the licenses. This means that yellowTAB made a purposeful effort to make the community feel better.

This is, by the way, one of the few instances where I have found something that yellowTAB has done that deserves the recognition it received.

In fact, the only other thing I think comes to mind is some article on Zeta Neo's kernel. Having been working on the Haiku kernel attempting compatibility with various peices of my own code, I have some idea of how tough kernel coding can be.

Of course, yellowTAB supposedly has legal access to Be's code, which means they just did some copy and pasting, and some other little tricks (sounds much easier than reality).

--The loon

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