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OSNews, Generic OSes The internet, and much of the real world as well, is currently in list mode. Just about any possible list that can be made up regarding 2008 will be made up somewhere, so we decided not to reinvent the wheel and look forward instead of backward. Since we like to leave the guessing predicting to the analysts, we just limited ourselves to what tech-related matters we would like to see in 2009. Read on for our lists, and of course, post your own in the comments. And lest we forget: a very happy 2009 from the OSNews crew!
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OSNews: What We'd Like To See in 2009
by bradley on Sat 3rd Jan 2009 00:03 UTC
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Since we are headed for the "Declination of the Western Civilization" what I would like to see is simply this...

1) Apple and Microsoft become scarce because not even the Middle Class can no longer afford it.
2) Linux and BSD becomes dominant in the server and desktop market and people actually took the time to learn it and love it.
3) No more of "you need windows or apple software to access this content" The net is for "ALL" no matter what flavor you are running.

In time...

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