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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu The Linux version of the Acer Aspire One netbook comes with a customised version of the Linpus distribution pre-installed, which might not be to everyone's fancy. Linux4one, a modified Ubuntu, could be a good alternative. Linux4One is optimized for the Aspire One; it includes drivers for the One, and comes with an interface derived from the Netbook Remix version.
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Any more info?
by uteck on Sat 3rd Jan 2009 17:22 UTC
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It would be nice if there was a bit more info. How much slower then Linplus is it? Does it work properly with a SSD drive? I know the other link says devices work, but I have seen too many reviews that say "everything works...but the webcam."

Eventually I'll have to buy one of these things so I can play with it, but for my portable needs I like a bigger screen. And my wife wont let me touch hers to play with. She is quite happy with Linplus for the time being.

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