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Google Netbooks run either Windows or Linux, and both are readily available in shops all over the world. The Linux variants chosen by several netbook manufacturers are usually derived from desktop distributions, and obviously, Windows is a desktop operating system as well. However, netbooks have small displays, and both Windows and GNOME/KDE and some of their applications aren't always suited well for such an environment. Enter Android, Google's Linux-based phone operating system. It is suggested that Android-based netbooks will appear on the market in 2010, maybe even sooner.
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Google has become the Microsoft Monopoly and taking PRIVATE DATA from willing sheep to install their software.

Has anyone ever thought what Google is doing with YOUR personal data that you are being willing sheep and installing it.

What about Communist China, Google turned over server logs to the Communist Gov to track down people wanting to learn the truth about stuff however Google stepped in like 1984 and helped out Communist China...

NO thanks,

I will use MY Linux Distro of choice and NOT use Big Brother 2.0 on my stuff.

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