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Windows Even though the EULA accompanying the beta build of Windows 7 prohibits the publication of benchmark results (good luck enforcing that one, Redmond), everybody and their dog will still compare the Windows 7 beta to Vista and Windows XP. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes is one of those benchmarking the beta, and according to his results, the Windows 7 beta beats both Vista and XP in just about every scenario.
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Eh? Latest Ubuntu runs relatively fine on 256mb RAM old laptop. Even better with Xubuntu. I don't see why a desktop OS has to eat more and more ram. It's not logical considering that we're not really adding much functionality in the base system.

The only reason RAM requirements go up for these things is because programmers are lame and add layers upon layers of "frameworks" and other crap (and I'm a programmer so don't go haywire on me) instead of creating things properly. This is the same reason why things are still so buggy even with the new paradigms we use today.

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