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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y Steve Jobs' health has been an important topic of rumours ever since he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in mid-2004. He was treated successfully, and recovered from his ordeal. Ever since then, rumours of possible health problems popped up regularly, which were only ignited further by Apple's recent announcement to drop out of MacWorld San Fransisco, with Steve Jobs not delivering the famous keynote speech coming January. Gizomodo threw a whole lot of oil on the fire today by publishing information which they claim comes from a source which has always been 100% accurate.
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RE[2]: Steve Jobs is my hero
by solarcontrol on Sun 4th Jan 2009 13:44 UTC in reply to "RE: Steve Jobs is my hero"
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I think Jobs' main strength is his keen ability to see markets that others don't and target them with forethought and accuracy.

He (Apple) has gotten away with what nobody else has in the face of the Microsoft juggernaut.
Perhaps he knew what to expect from Gates from early on and simply filled some predictable (for him) niches.
Whatever the case, his success is a singular one - unmatched in terms of countering or sidestepping the Windows monopoly.

Heck, who else is actually capable of shaming MS into improving?

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