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Windows Reviewing the first beta of an important release like Windows 7 is never an easy job to do. A confouding factor is that many people have already made up their mind about Windows 7; not because they have tried it, but because it's a Microsoft product, and therefore it sucks. At OSNews we try to judge products by their own merits, not by the parent company that created it. Read on for a set of impressions regarding the Windows 7 beta.
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bug or not, who cares
by F_u_X on Sun 4th Jan 2009 23:26 UTC
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I really don't care whether it's a bug or not, I'm a Microsoft customer. I have a license on their product (it came with my laptop). I have several partitions on my laptop, with several oss'es installed.

Windows isn't among them for several reasons, one being the "headaches" Windows tends to give me when planning the partition layout on a hard disk (specific layout requirements, aggressive approach towards other data already present on the system, incompatibility with other file-systems (try using reiser or ext3 on Windows...)).

Because of Linux compatibility problems with some software I'm "forced" to use, I do need a functioning Windows, so I have been running Windows on a VM on the same laptop for more than a year now.

I wouldn't mind a native Windows installation on the laptop but it's just too "difficult" at the moment. I for one wouldn't mind it when MS made windows a little more compatible with other OS'Ses, bug or not.

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