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Windows Reviewing the first beta of an important release like Windows 7 is never an easy job to do. A confouding factor is that many people have already made up their mind about Windows 7; not because they have tried it, but because it's a Microsoft product, and therefore it sucks. At OSNews we try to judge products by their own merits, not by the parent company that created it. Read on for a set of impressions regarding the Windows 7 beta.
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RE: bug or not, who cares
by nsrbrake on Mon 5th Jan 2009 00:34 UTC in reply to "bug or not, who cares"
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try using reiser or ext3 on Windows...
While I don't know about reiserfs, the same can not be said for ext2/3. With the exception of the windows boot partition, ext3 can be mounted and used as ext2. There are a number of mounting options under windows for ext2 filesystems. I use IFS works like a charm.

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