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FreeBSD The FreeBSD 7-STABLE branch saw its first point release today. Don't let the point release moniker fool you, though, as FreeBSD 7.1 comes packed with a number of pretty significant changes, such as support for OpenSolaris' DTrace, as well as a new, more efficient scheduler.
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way to go!
by antik on Mon 5th Jan 2009 19:20 UTC
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The ata(4) driver now supports a loader variable hw.ata.ata_dma_check_80pin. This can be used to disable the 80pin cable check on broken systems such as certain laptops and Soekris boards. The default value is 1.

FreeBSD was only operating system that informed me about my computer broken/malfunctioning IDE 80pin cable that caused headache with strange system crashes and data loss. Replaced it with new one and now everything is just fine.

As "old school" FreeBSD user I tend to upgrade from source code- so, I never tried to do it with freebsd-update before. Looks like I have new tool to play/test now.

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