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Editorial If you live in the United States, then it's almost certain you've heard about this big digital switch that public television is making due to a new US law. If you live outside of the US, I bet you've heard of it anyway since we like to let people know what we're up to. The big day that's coming up -- February 17th, 2009 -- that magical date when all television stations will historically abandon the infamous analog broadcasting for greener, digital pastures -- didn't strike fear into the hearts at my household. We rarely utilize the antenna, and then only two to four times a year for a special program. Nonetheless, we got our hands on one of those nifty coupons anyway and went out to purchase a digital converter for the sake of those few intrinsic public broadcats. Read on for the whole story.
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Say good goodbye to Cable.
by jamesd on Tue 6th Jan 2009 19:08 UTC
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While Cable companies try to make a profit on the DTV switch over, its time to turn the tables on them. Cancel your cable. Take the money you save for a 3-4 months and build a Mythtv Box or just upgrade your current linux box. You can get a Digital TV tuner card for your Linux for less than $80 usually, which is less than most people end up paying for Cable in a month. With the money that a 2nd month of cable would cost you get a amplified digital ready antenae if necessary and add a 250+ GB harddisk you can now store 30+ hours of HD programming.

I'm not sure about the rest of the country but in Milwaukee, we have 5 PBS channels that actually put some decent programming, and of course we have all the major networks. And the best thing about digital TV is that you get a picture that rivals the best Cable has to offer perhaps even better if you consider with out the premium packages you are often locked into 480i resolution. Even if you need to rent some dvd's or sign up for netflix to fill your remaining entertainment needs you are still way ahead.

Now the biggest question is what to do with the $50-$70 a month in savings, perhaps get a new system to run mythtv on or that large LCD tv you have been dreaming of.

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