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Mac OS X At ladt night's MacWorld keynote, Apple's last, one product in particular shone in absense: Mac OS X 10.6, Snow Leopard. Many had expected Apple to give out more details regarding its new operating system, maybe even a release date or a developer preview. Instead, all they got was nothing. Some say it's a mistake not to show off Snow Leopard now that Windows 7 is stealing all the thunder. Or is it?
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RE: not showing snow leopard
by John.Gustafsson on Wed 7th Jan 2009 12:23 UTC in reply to "not showing snow leopard"
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Releasing a developer preview, in my view, would be 100% in apple's interest. The developers need to start using the new toys in snow leopard so they have apps ready for when it launches.

I was under the impression that Snow Leopard previews indeed do exist, for those that have paid to be in the apple developer program. That is all Apple need to do, i would expect there to be little or no API changes between .5 and .6 after all, and most of the new technology being in the real of building the foundation for the future rather than trying to catch up somehow.

As a cunsumer, with no viable 'bling' changes to the OS why would I upgrade unless there are some big apps that need and take advantage of it? (ala photoshop)

All new macs would obviously ship with Snow Leopard, and I have yet to see an OS X release not worth upgrading to. I am sure that reduced footprint, improved performance, and some other goodies will be good enough for a large number of geeks. I'm sure the rest will be perfectly happy with their macs as they are. There is no urgency to move people over after all, not in the Microsoft Vista sense. I am sure that Apple will get back to more features in their .7 release of their OS.

I also don't see any reason why anyone at Apple except the ones making their ads need to even peak at Windows 7. Apple sells hardware with a custom made great OS, but they do first and foremost sell the hardware. The Apple stores have all the bling they need:) At least until they make a diamond uni-body computer:) How's that for indestructible!

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