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Mac OS X At ladt night's MacWorld keynote, Apple's last, one product in particular shone in absense: Mac OS X 10.6, Snow Leopard. Many had expected Apple to give out more details regarding its new operating system, maybe even a release date or a developer preview. Instead, all they got was nothing. Some say it's a mistake not to show off Snow Leopard now that Windows 7 is stealing all the thunder. Or is it?
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No need to
by membrain on Wed 7th Jan 2009 19:28 UTC
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Some other poster up the thread pointed out how it's a consumer show and this is really the right point.

There is no interest to show this at a consumer expo, since Snow Leopard won't be focused on bling features or other visible things, but rather the insides. Pretending that it won't won't help anything.

Everyone (=Microsoft?) has to face the fact that with OS X Apple has a, while not perfect, still excellent operating system with an excellent track record, which is viable for still many years to come, and they know it. While Apple is a good hype machine, they seem to realize (at least that's my interpretation) that "hype where hype is due", so they produce high quality hype where it should be placed, but don't hype things where you don't need it. I think this shows that they are serious about their business (TM).

The fact that they didn't show off Snow Leopard just for some (any?) hype at MacWorld makes me want to give them a few props more (now, of course we know they are evil because of the DRM issues, but let's also see that they are one of the more serious companies on this planet, certainly more so than Microsoft.)

(Please forgive the bad English and punctuation, I'm not a native speaker.)

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