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Google After far too long a wait, today, Google released the first beta of Picasa for Mac. Picasa is a free, powerful photo management tool that includes many photo editing operations that the Mac native iPhoto lacks. In addition, Picasa is tightly bound to Picasa Web Albums, the first 1GB of which is also free, in contrast with Apple's MobileMe, which runs $99/year.
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Just to chime in here a little. Those buttons and scroll widgets are not native Windows either. They're native Picasa, probably built from some other multi environment toolkit. This wasn't a real native looking Windows application (where it uses native Win32 widgets etc.) - actually looks like something from Linux.

So don't get too caught up into those scroll items (at least the scrollers on the left are Mac native, Windows version just has these custom jobs all around). The windows version doesn't have a tab interface for Import and Library either (that's different). The folders colors, appearance and perspective are different from Windows as well.

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