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Windows Even though the Windows 7 beta had been available on piracy networks for a while now, it still hadn't been officially released. During his pre-show keynote at CES, Steve Ballmer officially launched the Windows 7 beta onto the world via TechNet, MSDN, and Connect. It will become available to the general public this Friday.
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It's all BS
by ScannerAssy on Thu 8th Jan 2009 15:12 UTC
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I've installed the beta too and compared the performance in the game ETQW (this game is highly dependant of processor power). On the same machine (E8400, gigabyte P45-UD3, 2gb DDR2) windows 7 is indeed SLOWER than xp (less FPS). So, all this hype about great performance from win7 is BS. Last but not least, it doesn't boot any faster either.

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