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Windows Even though the Windows 7 beta had been available on piracy networks for a while now, it still hadn't been officially released. During his pre-show keynote at CES, Steve Ballmer officially launched the Windows 7 beta onto the world via TechNet, MSDN, and Connect. It will become available to the general public this Friday.
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by Ultimatebadass on Thu 8th Jan 2009 21:22 UTC in reply to "Windows"
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I like the new explorer and vista ui. The "classic" UI had it's moments back in 1999 - what the hell is wrong with delivering something that is pleasing to the eye? Really, with that quad core, 4+gb of ram and whatnot I can spare a couple of cpu cycles for the interface to not look like it's still 1990. And about Windows XP (default) being easy on the eyes... first thing I ever did after installing XP on any of my computers was to change the default theme to something else. I have Vista on my home PC for as long as it has been there and never felt the need to do the same - i guess they did something right this time around ;)

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