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Graphics, User Interfaces The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is filled to the brim with product announcements and new useful (and useless) gadgets, but some stand out more than others. One item that topped the headlines the past few days is Palm's announcement of its brand new operating system.
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Kudos where its deserved
by Noremacam on Fri 9th Jan 2009 15:09 UTC
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When I read the feed on my reader last night that Palm presented its new linux based phone, I couldn't have been more apathetic.

After being a very happy treo 650 user for a couple of years I bought a windows mobile phone (SCH-i760) mistakenly thinking if the old palm os was this good the new windows mobile should be great.

I've hated windows mobile so much now I've wanted to come back to palm for a long time - after my 2 year agreement is up. But palm was stagnating with their palm OS, and even with palm's improvements to WM, it was not for me.

So, getting to the point, I worried by the time I could chose Palm again they would be a non-competitor.

However palm made radical improvements compared to PalmOS(which I think is how it should be compared to truly appreciate it the most):

1. It went from ugliest to one of the prettiest interfaces(I know that's subjective, but look at Palm 5 for crying out loud)

2. PalmOS was traditionally isolationist in its philosophy from web services and relied heavily on 3rd party apps(like the facebook app) to try to bridge the gap. Palm took what was worst about palmOS and made it pre's best. Palm reapplied its philosophy of having all your information in one place.

3.(really an extention of point 2)Synergy blends your contacts(at your discretion) from completely disjointed services - something I've only seen 3rd party apps try to emulate but I think is more natural being 1st party. I really like seemingly switching between a sms conversation to a aim/yahoo/whatever in the same chat window and not lose place of the conversation - something only reasonable with synergy. I'm not sure that's been done before on a phone and if it has it certainly hasn't been made easy.

The concept I'm most excited about the most is having one list for the people I spend my time with. No more sorting through multiple contact lists because they're all different different sources/services.

So I give kudos to palm for being truly innovative. Yes, they took a lot of ideas from the iphone/android, but they took their ideas in an entirely different direction and made new concepts in the process, and I think that deserves kudos, and I hope, in spite of their poor choice of carrier, it brings them back as serious competition in the smartphone race. I hope pre with Sprint isn't exclusive for long. A longtime Treonaut wants to believe again.

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