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Graphics, User Interfaces The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is filled to the brim with product announcements and new useful (and useless) gadgets, but some stand out more than others. One item that topped the headlines the past few days is Palm's announcement of its brand new operating system.
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RE: Seriously? You got fooled!
by sanctus on Fri 9th Jan 2009 16:52 UTC in reply to "Seriously? You got fooled!"
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In some ways, yes it the same, but the way to look at it, makes it quite a lot different.

Just take how it works with contact. On a desktop, you must think of a procedure to accomplish something.

When you want to communicate with someone, do you think like a step-by-step process? I'll open an outlook text editor to send you a message via email? No! You either want to speak/im/email with your contact, that’s pretty much it.

So you go from 3 and more application (contact which is pretty static (does nothing but store information), msn, Skype, yahoo, gizmo, talk, outlook/mail/thunderbird/name it.) to only one task oriented application/card. So if the ratio keeps up, you'll go down from 20 open apps to 5 cards.

Maybe it's technically a small change, but if the paradigm works more like my brain does, well, I will benefits tremendously.

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