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GNU, GPL, Open Source Thanks to SGI, a potential disaster for Free software purists has been averted. Back in January 2008, it was discovered by the OpenBSD guys that some of the contributions to and the Mesa 3D Graphics Library made by SGI were covered under permissive open source licenses that didn't fall within FSF's definition of Free software. The FSF Compliance Lab worked with SGI to resolve the issue, and they succeeded.
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GPLv2 is compatible with GPLv3.

Only if the GPLv2 license carries the "or later" clause. For example, the Linux kernel does not, therefore, it is not compatible.

The hurd is not a failure , it's not BSD's , people can still develop it.

Huh? Both the BSD's and HURD can still be developed. HURD is not as successful as Linux nor the main BSD OS's.

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