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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Palm announced today the Palm Pre, the company's next generation Linux-based web tech-enabled operating system. It has a fast CPU, Wifi, Bluetooth with A2DP support, removable battery, 3.1" touchscreen 480x320 LCD, gesture-enabled UI at the bottom half of the phone's body, 3 MP camera with LED flash, multi-touch, accelerometer, slide-out keyboard, GPS, EVDO, and an impressive, fresh UI. Sprint will be the first carrier to sell the smartphone, at the first half of 2009. ArsTechnica has a nice write-up too.
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RE[4]: If only---
by ricegf on Fri 9th Jan 2009 21:49 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: If only---"
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Well, sure - Python would be my first choice as well (no offense to Ruby or Perl). My point is only that if Python is fast enough even on previous generation devices, I'm confident that next generation devices like the Pre could handle Ruby with no serious qualms.

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