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Mono Project Arstechnica reports that Mono, an open source implementation of .NET runtime, is bringing Microsoft's development technologies to some unexpected places, including the iPhone, Android, and the Wii.
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While I applaud the efforts of the Mono people, they attempts at bringing Microsoft platform technologies to other platforms seems odd as it tries to bring MS's concepts of an operating environment to other platforms.

I mean come on, don't you find it odd that your Mono apps compile to exe and dlls with the need for a Windows like registry on Linux/Mac? Why force MS's concept of an operating environment and application behavior in other OSes?

Java has done a much better job at keeping their platform agnostic of operating environments without having to force a Solaris-like operating environment into other platforms. My Java apps use plists on Macs and registry under Windows as expected by default, the same can't be said of Mono apps.


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