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Mono Project Arstechnica reports that Mono, an open source implementation of .NET runtime, is bringing Microsoft's development technologies to some unexpected places, including the iPhone, Android, and the Wii.
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First and foremost, the GAC is meant to cache NGENed assemblies and system components. It does not have any registry like functionality. So what are you trying to mean here? You may want to re-read your post.

Stop implying things, its obvious what I mean - reread what I wrote in that paragraph, I challenge you to find any factual error (here is the paragraph).

I am not aware that the .net is depended on the registry, in fact I have heard that .net was a way for microsoft of getting rid of dll/registry hell of COM/ACTIVEX. .net uses largly the GAC (global asembly Cash) for shared components, not the registry. For configuration it uses XML Configuration Files both on framework level as on application level.

The XML configuration files and MANIFESTs are mostly static and are meant to make it easy for editing by hand and are for setting configuration before the application loads.

You are not truthful, XML configuration files in .net are not limited to static data. Infact there are API to generate events when data is changed in configuration files.

And why are you talking about the MANIFEST? Its usage is for meta-information containing information about the binnary code, and is stored in inside the .exe and .dll, it has nothing to do with Application settings, infact the MANIFEST was invented by microsoft to remove the dependency of the registry, before .net microsoft stored this type of information in the registry (COM/ACTIVEX).

Application settings generated during runtime by a majority of .Net apps are stored in the registry.

Of course you can access/use the Registry from .net, as I am sure you can from JAVA too. And if you do that, your application is limited to Windows regardless if you use Java or .net. I manage a programming group developing in .net. None of our application use the Registry, or needs to use the registry. And if you read what Microsoft recomends, you will see that they recomends that application should NOT use the registry, and in fact allow XCOPY installation.

I was factual in what I wrote, and I acknowledged that some of microsoft implementation of .net depended on the registry and win32. You on the other side have been vague, and some of what you have written has been outright wrong.

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