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OSNews, Generic OSes This week, we start with a new regular occurence on OSNews: the imaginatively named Week in Review, where we do a quick rundown of the preceding week's most important news, and maybe add in a few new items that didn't make the cut earlier in the week. We will close off each of them with My Take, a short random musing about whatever subject we please. This week, the news was dominated by MacWorld, Windows 7, and Palm.
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Did they really have to steal the Dock?
by nutshell42 on Sun 11th Jan 2009 23:18 UTC
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The new taskbar clearly comes out of Cupertino, and that's a bad thing. There is a reason Apple zealots never used the dock as an example why OSX is superior.

You can go on about document-centric interfaces as long as you like. The simple fact is that when an explorer window is open in 7, and I want to open another one, it's needlessly complicated. The same for editors, browser windows and anything else. Pinning programs to the taskbar is useless and with that new "feature" MS effectively eliminated the quicklaunch functionality from Windows.

(even worse is that 7 doesn't let you open a new eplorer window while another one shows the same directory. If you want to open two windows and browse to different directories to drag&drop, you have to change the dir in the first one before you can open another window. 100% braindead)

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