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Mono Project Arstechnica reports that Mono, an open source implementation of .NET runtime, is bringing Microsoft's development technologies to some unexpected places, including the iPhone, Android, and the Wii.
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RE[2]: Comment by satan666
by Nelson on Sun 11th Jan 2009 23:57 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by satan666"
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I do not get this unnecessary demonizing of the Mono community. They do Linux an immense favor by adding such a powerful language and framework to the platform.

I get it, some people are scared/hate Microsoft and proprietary platforms, but this is none of the sort. While I don't agree with Mono implementing patented and proprietary APIs (Outside those Microsoft has extended their OSP to), I do see nothing wrong with providing a clean implementation with OSS platforms built on top (See GTK# and MonoDevelop for awesome results of the Mono team's hard work).

I applaud them for their tireless efforts, and I wish some people could be more open minded.

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