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Windows Even though the Windows 7 beta had been available on piracy networks for a while now, it still hadn't been officially released. During his pre-show keynote at CES, Steve Ballmer officially launched the Windows 7 beta onto the world via TechNet, MSDN, and Connect. It will become available to the general public this Friday.
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RE[2]: Windows
by Glynser on Mon 12th Jan 2009 08:11 UTC in reply to "RE: Windows"
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"pleasing to the eye"

In my opinion, the classic GUIs have the advantage of being very neutral. There are grey, rectangular buttons, and grey, rectangular windows, so it can't be really "ugly". It's just not "pretty". But it doesn't get in your way, and that's why I like it.

Now, if you have something like the default XP theme or the Vista theme, it's already a matter of taste - because it's "designed" and it can't be pleasing to EVERY eye, of course. But the classic, neutral style should at least not bother anybody (though I know it does), because it's just the bare essentials without trying to be "cool" or "designed".

That's why I think there should be always the possibility to have a classic, stripped down, neutral design. And I'd wish that Microsoft would still keep up the classic style, but also hardware-accelerated (so that there won't be any redraw problems etc). But I doubt they will do that.

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