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KDE When KDE 4.0 was first released, it was met with quite some criticism. Even though people saw the huge potential, the lack of functionality and stability, as well as quite a few bugs detracted from the experience. The KDE developers continued to work on implementing their relatively radical vision, and with the release of KDE 4.2 creeping ever closer, it seems they're well on their way.
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Each release, the same old story...
by Jason Bourne on Tue 13th Jan 2009 14:58 UTC
Jason Bourne
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When 4.0 came out, the hype was "this is the release". When it was completely unusable, people started saying... "just wait for 4.1, it will be the one"... 4.2 is coming, and I already get this feeling that someone at KDE just made sure to complicate more the "K Menu" adding 3 different searches engines or inserting this time an artificial intelligent auto-completion form. Each release the same old story.

There's a saying "If there are two heads, then it's a monster". It reflects well how projects coordinated by many people are. It feels like every developer wants his useless great idea inside the UI, killing all the UI consistency. That's been KDE 4 storyline since day 1.

Oxygen is one of the worst UI's around. I sincerely wanted it to be replaced, but KDE-dev is a parliament - not an enterprise pushing for market share.

And no, I won't even try 4.2.
Perhaps things will change when the majority of distros just drop KDE off as their default desktop.

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