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Windows Every now and then, some blogger working for a big website will write a story about how company Abc should make radical move Xyz in order to better, eh, well, that's usually left in the dark. These are generally more akin to said bloggers hoping for radical move Xyz rather than there being a well-argumented reasoning. Radical moves in the technology business don't happen very often, but when they do, there's generally a good reason for them.
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nope not gona happen
by Nex6 on Tue 13th Jan 2009 16:36 UTC
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just, look at how long and how much trouble sun went thru for java? and really what did they gain? sure the java guys and OSS and yeah!!! but for sun? all the cash they spent doin it? what are they gaining?

(maybe a going out of biz party?)

MS has zero reason to open source windows, the onlys ones who think its even a remotely good idea are OSS zelots. really, what would MS gain? really? nothing...

those ISVs that need it can get it.

sure, there are things MS could do better. but as a *company* with shareholders. just giving away, 20+ years of code... just not a good idea...

and, there was come comments above about using linux etc:

use whatever is the best tools for the job. and many enterprise shops in the server room have many different OS's running. but: on the desktop windows rules, with the exception of specialty stuff that requires Nix or OSX.

and, sure there are nix shops where this is not true...


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