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Windows Every now and then, some blogger working for a big website will write a story about how company Abc should make radical move Xyz in order to better, eh, well, that's usually left in the dark. These are generally more akin to said bloggers hoping for radical move Xyz rather than there being a well-argumented reasoning. Radical moves in the technology business don't happen very often, but when they do, there's generally a good reason for them.
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pipe dream
by RRepster on Tue 13th Jan 2009 19:56 UTC
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MSFT is becoming a web platform and hybrid-hardware (Xbox) company more and more so why not. If they did though they'd be better off just making a Linux distro. "Winux anyone?" Doing that would still allow us tinkerers to use any distro we wanted while allowing a large amount of software compatibility.

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